“God watches when you tip.“

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"I didn’t want you to only fuck me, I wanted you to love me. But I didn’t know what to convince you with besides my body."

- Lora Mathis (via sicksex)

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that sounds like responsibility and i want no part in it

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"You were better to the ones that were worse for you. And worse to the one that was better for you."

- Iain Thomas, I Wrote This For You (via larmoyante)

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The first time you told me that you wanted to kill yourself, I should have called your mother instead of letting you think you could rely on something as shifty and indifferent as me. I shouldn’t have written you poetry. I should have cradled the phone like a newborn and driven all the way to Texas, shown up on the doorstep in that indiscriminate heat just to open my arms to you.

It’s just that I am selfish and gas is expensive and it’s hard to tell the difference between wanting to die and just wanting to sink for a while. It’s just that I knew a boy once who only said those words to me when he wanted my undivided attention and my legs spread in the back of his car. It’s just that I thought it was one thing to want to die and another thing to pick up kitchen knives.

When you showed me that it was the same thing, I went through an entire season of not even wanting to stand near cutting boards because of the steady chop chop chop. Because of the slice. Removing the skin. Cutting out the bad bits. It’s like watching someone yanking out weeds from the root when you have dandelion veins.

I had a dream a few weeks ago of throwing all of the sharp objects in your house onto the roof. I had a dream about burying them in the backyard so you couldn’t lay out treasure maps on your skin anymore. I had a dream about driving all the way to Texas just to end up crying in your mother’s lap.

I’m sorry it took me so long to understand. And I am sorry that I ended up understanding too well. I am still selfish and gas prices are still high and now I spend too much time having to wrap my arms around myself to ever let go long enough to hold someone else together.

I should have called your mother. I should have called your mother. I should have called your mother.


- "For Selene Who Is Not Dead But Wanted To Be" Trista Mateer (via tristamateer)

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"I haven’t heard your voice in
a while, your mouth is always
on hers. I’m happy you’re happy
(at least I’m trying to be), but
my favorite dream is still the
one where you kept loving me."

- anne, you’re still mine when I’m asleep (via anneisrestless)

"You’re good at breaking my
heart; you’re good at putting
it back together. I keep letting
you do both, but I wouldn’t
need one without the other."

- anne, I’m addicted to you (via anneisrestless)

"I loved a boy and you’re
wearing his skin and I miss
him, I miss him."

- anne, if time was measured on your body, I loved you between your wrist and the middle of your palm. Life’s gone on but you still have the same eyes, you still have the same smile.
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"I’m desperate not to lose you. It
makes me wild with jealousy; it
makes me needy. I don’t like
myself without you. I want all my
mornings to be sprinkled with
your voice. The hardest part about
low confidence is low confidence
in you wanting to be with me. The
acceptable number of hours apart
is no hours but I know you need
your space. I’m sorry for craving
you so much. I’m trying to deal
with this separation anxiety myself
but you should give me some relief
sometimes. I’ll be as quiet as your
shadow if you’ll just let me be in
the room with you."

- anne, needy (via anneisrestless)

"I keep filling my hands with hips and skin and hair and none of them belong to you. Dear god, I miss you like 
empty walls and quiet car rides; everything feels wrong. You can’t come back and I can’t stop calling other men by your name."

- from the beautiful anneisrestless (via convulsingxpulses)

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"I hope you never forget what I
felt like beside you - not small
and perfect, but full of love
anyway. Full of care anyway;
full of want and safety and
acceptance. From now on,
I hope no one you ever hold
feels like me so you never
have to choose between a
waist and a heart again, so
you never have the chance
to tell another girl that you
love her but not her body."

- anne, I hope the next girl you kiss is thin and perfect and empty (via anneisrestless)

the sign said no trespassing but no one owns mother nature. 

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To the boy who said I should be more ladylike:
I will not cross my legs or twirl my hair
around my finger because it makes
me whole.
I will not bat my eyelashes at you
when you hold the door open for me
and I will not bat my eyelashes at you
when you don’t.
I will not wait for your text messages every night
as if I need your written validation
for my existence.
I will not sit back and laugh at jokes that I
don’t find funny because I can make a room
roar with laughter in seconds flat.

To the boy who said I’m “smart for a girl”:
I will not stop reading book after book
until I’m sure my knowledge can wipe you
off your feet.
I will not feel guilty when I correct your grammar
or point out when you have misspoken.
I will not bow down to you because your father
is a successful businessman and I will not
let you leave until you hear about my mother
who is a profound bio-chemist.
I will not stop using words that confuse you
and I will not stop discussing politics or
the woes of capitalism because my female opinions
make you ‘uncomfortable’.

To the boy who said he hated my body:
I will not spend extra hours at the gym
to keep you from seeing my thighs jiggle
and I will not eat food fit for birds
to ensure you can fit your hand between my thighs.
I will not stop wearing that skin tight dress that
makes my ass look out of this world and I
certainly will not break your gaze when
you evaluate my worth.
I will not stop applying winged eyeliner or bright
red lipstick because I’m not here to look
like your man-made masterpiece.
I will not be a product of your temptation.

To the boy who sees me as an equal:
I will not praise you as if you are a rare species
nor will I boast that you are one of a kind.
I will not drunkenly utter that “I’ve finally got one!”
to my girlfriends over wine
because a boy with a level head shouldn’t be
impossible to find.
I will not pin you up next to my trophies
or diplomas as if you are some sort of accomplishment.
I will not degrade you to what we have been degraded
to all along.

I will defend the girls who are told they are not ladylike
I will protect the girls who are told they are too smart
I will support the girls who are told they should fix their bodies
I will fight for the girls who you tell are not good enough
and I will praise the girls who simply do not care.

Equality is a right, not a rarity.


- Kimberly Siehl | Equality is a right, not a rarity (via hangingwallflower)

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no one cares if you don’t like short hair on girls shut the fuck up

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